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"Before I would even call a real-estate agent, I'd have my home inspected..."
"Having an inspection (report) right on the counter during the open house...shows the buyers that the seller's got nothing to hide..."
"Sellers are strongly advised to consider getting a pre-sale home inspection..."
"Hire an inspector. Buyers often make the purchase offer contingent on the home passing an inspection to their satisfaction..."
"Be sure to have the home inspection report available for prospective buyers itemizing all of the repairs that have been made and the associated cost for each..."

Q: What services do NBHI inspectors provide?

A: Complete Home Inspections, Investment Property Inspections, Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspections, Buyer’s Inspections, Radon, Lead Paint, Mold, Meth and Energy Efficiency Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Yearly Maintenance Home Inspections for Homes and Rental Properties, Warranty Inspections, Manufactured Home Inspections, Certified Warranty Inspections.

Q: What Qualifications do NBHI Inspectors have?

A: Each of our inspectors follow the strict standards and policies of the National Bureau of Home Inspectors. They are required to pass a thorough field test once a month. They are also required to pass the written test to certify from NACHI. NBHI standards are above and beyond in many ways those of the standard NACHI and ASHI policies. The strongest qualification is that our inspectors are accountable for these standards through NBHI’s management systems and consistent field testing.

Q: Should I be present at the inspection?

A: We strongly recommend you be present for the inspection. If this is not possible, we recommend you come to the last 30 minutes for a walkthrough and explanation. This is one of the most valuable services provided because most home owners learn a great deal about operating and maintaining their home.

Q: When do I get the report?

A: The report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection unless the inspection was done on a Saturday, then the report will be sent Monday before 8pm.

Q: What is in the report?

A: The report will clearly present details about each area of the home inspected. It will also include pictures of findings and of the home in general, as well as suggestions for operating the home and home maintenance.

Q: When do I schedule the inspection?

A: You will need to schedule the inspection 2 days before your desired date (example: call Monday to schedule Wednesday). If same day or next day service is needed, we will do our best to fit you in.

Q: How do I schedule the inspection?

A: Schedule online or call between 9am and 7pm MST

Q: How much does an inspection cost?

A: See our pricing guide HERE. Fortunately, for the value gained from a home inspection, the cost is currently very low.

Q: How and when do I pay for the inspection?

A: We accept cash, credit/debit (visa and mastercard) and personal checks. Payment is due at the end of the inspection. If you can not be present for the inspection, we will request a card number to be charged after the inspection is completed.

Q: What will the inspection cover?

A: A thorough inspection covers everything from the roof to the foundation

General areas included in our inspection:

Q: How long does it take to inspect a home?

A: Typical inspections take three to four hours. Inspection time varies according to the age, size, condition and specific sections of a home.

Q: Why should I use the NBHI Inspection Team?

A: NBHI’s Team of Inspectors meets weekly to discuss the latest inspection practices, technology and review the NBHI policies. By combining our experiences and knowledge, we ensure that each NBHI inspector is constantly being held accountable for their standard of knowledge, services, and professionalism. Our experience stretches over 15 years in the Home Inspection Business, and is still going strong. We believe this social proof gives our new clients more than enough reason to trust that we will deliver and exceed their expectations for each home inspection.

Q: What should I do if I have questions after I get the report?

A: You can reach your inspector by the phone number included on your inspection report. You can also find their phone number and email listed on their Inspector Profile here.