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Home Buyers
"Before I would even call a real-estate agent, I'd have my home inspected..."
"Having an inspection (report) right on the counter during the open house...shows the buyers that the seller's got nothing to hide..."
"Sellers are strongly advised to consider getting a pre-sale home inspection..."
"Hire an inspector. Buyers often make the purchase offer contingent on the home passing an inspection to their satisfaction..."
"Be sure to have the home inspection report available for prospective buyers itemizing all of the repairs that have been made and the associated cost for each..."

"Getting the Most from a Home Inspection -

Everything You'll Need to Know"

We asked and Home Buyers answered:
The top 5 tips Home Owners would give their family before a Home Inspection.

  1. Make the time to be present at the end of the inspection. Your Inspector will personally walk you around the house and explain any major issues.
  2. Ask questions. Your home inspector has years of experience inspecting 1000’s of homes, and will be able to explain anything that you don’t understand. This kind of information could cost you a lot in the future, so make the best of it now!
  3. Understand that some issues happen to all homes, even new ones. Your inspector will help you to understand which issues are common and which are uncommon.
  4. Hold on to your Inspection Report after you get it. It will be a valuable resource for future Home Improvement!
  5. Last but not least, educate yourself on Environmental Testing, such as Radon, Meth, Indoor Air Quality, etc… They will give you extremely valuable information about the environment of the home you may be living in, and are well worth the additional fee.

How a Home Inspection can benefit you, the Home Buyer

It’s like stacking the deck, or a ref throwing a game in your favor. You’re making a very large investment, and a home inspection virtually takes the risk out of it. You’ll find out what potential problems your home may have, as well as all current and developing problems. As a buyer, you’ll gain bargaining power when negotiating the price. If your seller had the home pre-inspected, then he/she most likely took care of any issues found, and you’ll know your potential home investment is already in the best shape possible. Either way, you can’t lose.

P.S. If the Home Seller did have the home pre-inspected, you still need your own home inspection. Their inspector may have been an amateur, or they may have not disclosed all the findings to you.

A quick rundown of the Home Inspection process

  1. An estimate for the inspection is given.
  2. The Inspection is scheduled, and a walk-through time is confirmed.
  3. We take note of any specifics you would like us to pay special attention to.
  4. We double check to make sure the utilities will be on (gas, water, electric) for the inspection.
  5. We double check to make sure you have the best current discount.
  6. On the day of the inspection, your Home Inspector will perform a 1000 point inspection from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. He'll check the attic, crawl through crawl spaces, and use his professionally trained eye to catch everything you'll need to know about.
  7. When you arrive for the walk-through, your Inspector will take you through each room and talk to you about his findings, as well as answer any questions you may have.
  8. Your official Home Inspection Report will be sent to you via email, less than 24 hours after the inspection.